Monday, June 9, 2008

Reasons, visible tonight, that the Mariners are not very good

In no particular order.
  1. Forget the poor arms of most first basemen. Sexson three-hopped it from 100 feet away; didn't think that was possible for a big-leaguer.
  2. Ibanez showing us why he should be considered the worst outfielder in the game: no range, no hands.
  3. Reed, making (1) possible on his cutoff throw to Lop--er, Sexson.
  4. Sexson's drop of the foul ball into the green seats (didn't cost them anything, but geez).
  5. Reed again! I have never seen, in fifteen years of baseball-watching, a runner on second get thrown out after the batter fails to get the bunt down.
  6. If you're going to make a defensive replacement, why leave Ibanez in the game?
  7. Bringing in Miguel Batista, who has not entered a game with men on base this year, with the go-ahead run on second.
  8. A starter pitching high-leverage relief two days after he was completely bombed.
  9. The likely reality of a pinch-runner playing first in extra innings. (I wrote that one in the 8th.)
  10. A lineup that allows the other team to intentionally walk the leadoff man.
  11. Batista again, just because.
  12. Johjima not bumping Inglett on his follow-through and missing the cheap but easy interference call.
Tonight's reasons the Jays suck are, of course: Jason Frasor, all the popups, those awfully lame BORN TO PLAY commercials (first time I've seen them), an even more useless way to waste McGlovin for the night, Jason Frasor, and losing to the Mariners.

God I hate Rod Black.

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Tybalt said...

Reminds me of the great chess master Aron Nimzowitch, who once hopped up on his chair in the crowded hall at a chess tournament and thundered, "why must I lose to this idiot!?"

That applied much more to the Orioles than the Mariners, though.