Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brad Wilkerson : Then and Now

THEN: Rios for Wilkerson would be an excellent deal. Wilkerson would give the Jays a nice bat in RF, while Rios might just be "toolsy" enough to interest Bowden.

THEN: Last year it was Wilkerson for Wells, pretty sure it hasn't gone down by *that* much.

THEN: Batista for Wilkerson is quite palatable, but why not add Rios, Hinske and a couple of exciting young arms to the offer and get Nick the Stick too?

THEN: If I'm Washington, I don't like Reed Johnson plus Batista for Wilkerson - I think I would hold out for Alex Rios (which I think is still doable)

THEN (my favourite): I'd do Batista for Wilkerson in half-a-second. Would JP? How about about Chacin and Rios for Wilkerson? I'd do that one even quicker. But what do I know? Nothing, that's what -- except that JP ain't done and I ain't gonna bitch and moan about who he trades and whoever the hitters are that he comes up with until I see how the '06 season plays out.

NOW: Wilkerson was signed off the scrap heap.

NOW: Wilkerson has not done much for over 2 years against all types of pitchers. I would much rather have a Lind/Stewart platoon.

NOW: As for Wilkerson, I'm not so fond of that acquisition.

Bonus Miguel Negron sighting! Furthermore, and I have only circumstantial evidence to back this up, but I would bet that Wells will be in a different uniform in 2008. If that's the case, who's going to play CF if Rios is traded? Negron?


Tybalt said...

Is your point that Wilkerson has changed, or that we were wrong? We were certainly wrong about Wilkerson.

If your point is that we're hypocritical, I haven't seen anyone who's on both sides of this particular fence, not yet.

I like bringing him in now, unlike some. Wilkerson may have something left.

Rob said...

I am also now reacting with pained indifference* toward this team, so I don't really care either way about Wilkerson, except that he's not Shannon Stewart. And maybe the point is "you don't know what will happen in baseball, so don't demand an Alex Rios trade every goddamn day."

* There's tons to do here in the summer--looking at you again, CB--but none of them is watch (or listen) to the Jays. That helps me to be indifferent toward stuff like this.

Tybalt said...

Well, Rios at that time was looking more and more like he was not up to much - he couldn't correct his downswinging problem. Playing young guys because they are young and sticking with them right down the toilet has ruined far more teams than it has helped...