Friday, July 11, 2008

What's Czech for "disappointment?"

Tangentially related to the Blue Jays (Arencibia was the MVP of this thing last time)...

The 2008 World University Baseball Championship features the following teams:
Chinese Taipei
Czech Republic (hosts)

Or, if you prefer:

Tacoma Sidewinders
Lansing Lugnuts
Kitchener Panthers
Vermont Expos
Sultanes de Monterrey
Frisco RoughRiders
Frederick Banting Memorial High School
Boston Red Sox

How can you have a world baseball championship without even one Latin American team?

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Rob said...

The results for Banting High so far:

L 5-0 (Czech Republic)
L 11-0 (Korea)
L 30-1 (USA)
L 25-0 (Canada)
L 25-0 (Japan)

The one run was unearned, for what that's worth.

Also, the Canadians, despite losing to all the real teams, still took the undefeated Japanese and American teams to extras. I expected a whitewashing from the US team, not 7-6.